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Magna Facilities


Our cleaning services are directed to any sort of facility (commercial-industrial, office space, sports facilities)


Germ control in areas of sanitary interest such as schools, kindergartens, buildings, banks, hospitals etc.

Pest Control Services


We undertake the construction and maintenance of green projects, using environmentally friendly resources, equipment and methods


Technical Management services include:

Electrical and mechanical equipment maintenance
Air Conditioning Services (installation, maintenance etc)

Why go with Magna?

Magna Facility Services was founded by experienced professionals in cleaning services.

The company provides cleaning and maintenance services, envisioning the highest level of customer care that will ensure that the functionality, hygiene and look of your workspace reflect its efficiency.

Our extensive experience results in not only the fast and effective understanding of clients’ needs and demands, but also in meeting their expectations. Additionally, our staff’s expertise guarantees successful results, even in the most demanding projects.

Our assets

Magna Facility Services’ assets against competitors are the following:

The experience and expertise of our staff.

The range and diversity of our to-day projects guarantee that the provided services will be adjusted to your own needs and potential.

Our staff is our rich. The continuous training, the humane approach, the compliance with the legal framework and our devotion to hygiene and security matters guarantee that our staff will keep you more than satisfied.

Our modern equipment can rise to the challenge of any project with great efficiency.

The materials and products that we use are of high quality, licensed and certified for their action and friendliness to the environment.