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Magna All About Supplies

Company Profile

Magna Supplies was founded in 2017 and its main activity is the production and sale of supplies for the catering industry and hotel units.

The company knows and understands clients’ needs and wants to offer safe products that satisfy them.

We guarantee to find solutions to any problems, immediately and responsibly. We offer professional solutions that meet your requirements and increase productivity and profitability, while promising the uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of your business.

We closely monitor the development of new methods and new products to develop, improve and better serve our customers.

Magna Supplies represents the largest and most recognized manufacturers in the European Union. We offer more than 1000 supplies and chemical items that confirm the correct and reliable organization and operation of your business. Our products are accompanied by safety data sheets (MSDS), certified and approved for quality and safety.

We offer special prices for our products, as well as for support, such as training seminars for new professionals and continuous training and updates on new materials and methods for stain removal.

The company provides an organized distribution network with its own means of transport without any additional charge. Our agencies deliver all over Greece.

You may contact us for any information.