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Magna Green Energy


Company Profile

Magna Green Energy

In a time marked by climate change and an ongoing energy crisis, the need for renewable energy sources becomes more and more evident, in every aspect of life; whether it be farming, business or everyday life.

Renewable energy sources constitute one of the most promising industries in terms of growth in a developing green economy, with the latter being promoted by the EU and adopted by most developed countries globally.

Magna Green Energy has developed a network of highly specialized associates throughout Greece, aiming to provide high-standard services in the fields of research, creation and utilization of opportunities related to green economy.

The company specializes in:

Α. Research and development of solar and wind farms
Β. Research and development of hydroponic crops
C.  CHP (cogeneration of heat and power)
D. Geothermal energy


G.E.MI. Number 161634707000